Monday, May 19, 2014

Ross' love summer!

Jordan had a two week break between semesters and we hit the party hard! We watched Charley play lacrosse, Tyler's region and state tennis, shopping at Rue 21 where we got some awesome deals, and some family dinners. Jordan also made Cambodian twice! We took ellie to the park. I was spoiled for mother's day. Still loving motherhood :)
I've been wearing grandma Ellie clothes a lot and love them!  We enjoyed a movie date and a temple date. Sure nice to spend some quality alone time!
It's Jordan's first day of the semester. He's one hard working man. I've been making lots of friends in my ward and so has Ellie so we are keeping pretty busy :)
Pretty packed post but just wanted to tell you all hi. Hope your summers are going well!
Can't wait for the fun family time in June! Jordan and I want to have a Country Cream night so look forward to that! Love you all :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bradley William Green - My Little Tough Guy

am soooo happy! We finally got moved into our house the day after Valentines Day :) We were just loving having our own place and it feels so good to have a home - no more apartments.  We really really appreciate all the help from family that made it possible. It was more work than we were anticipating to get it ready but I'm so happy with the finalish product. I say finalish because there's still a lot to do like paint doors and get them on, install blinds, etc etc but that'll come with time :)

Some before pics:

Some afterish pics:

Of course now it's full of our stuff and pretty soon it will have our sweet baby Bradley in it too :)

Bradley was born March 4, 2014 at 3 pounds, 13 ounces and 17 inches.  We had to be induced early because I had severe IUGR inner uterine growth restriction. The Dr explained it as my placenta pooping out. Bradley was no longer receiving enough nutrition from my placenta and was measuring about 5 weeks behind. After finding out we could no longer birth at the birthing center I had set up consultations with three different doctors over the next week. After meeting with the first one Monday he sent us home to pack our bags and directed us to come back that night for an induction. Our labor was different than we had planned but went really well and I was very happy with how it went. 

Since then our sweet little guy has been in the NICU. He has been so tough and strong. Way tougher than his mom. He's had to have multiple IV's including one in his head :(. I cry way more than he does when he has procedures done to him. In fact, he usually doesn't make a peep. 

He's also had to wear a mask while under intense lights. I like to call it his spa time and he sure looked like he was just lounging at the beach :)

He is so stinking cute!! He's got really long legs, arms, toes, and fingers so I think he's going to be tall like his daddy. He's also got really blonde hair and big dark eyes :)

He wears an oxygen monitor on his foot and three probes on his chest for his heart rate and then has a tube going down his nose into his stomache for feedings but all other stuff has been removed :). He's doing awesome and the only thing we're working on is eating everything orally and he's doing really well so we're just about ready to take him home. We can't wait!!

We love him so much and his daddy's been so great :)

I'm living the dream!! :)


Friday, February 14, 2014

Brooklyn's Echcardiogram Update

Last Friday we met with Dr. Menon, a cardiologist at Primary Children's Hospital. After listening to Brooklyn's heart, he told us that he thought she might have a small hole in her heart. We were informed that this is somewhat common and usually healed on its own. He wanted her to get an echocardiogram to see where the hole is and go from there. Tuesday morning I took little miss Brooklyn to PCMC for her echocardiogram. She was only allowed clear liquids that morning so she was not very happy. That didn't help when it was IV time. I didn't watch but could hear her scream as they held her down and secured the IV in her hand. That's enough to break a mama's heart. I was glad to have Jordan by my side. The nurses explained to us what the three medicines were that they would inject for the sedation. The first would make her sleepy. The second was a pain reliever. The third would cloud the signals from the brain to the body to keep her still. She took the lowest amounts of each and peacefully slept for the whole procedure. 

This was when they started to wake her up after. She was fighting it!

They then wheeled us up to recovery.  She was really fussy but needed to wake up so they let her fuss.

The cute blanket she has was provided by the hospital and we got to take it home with us.

I impatiently waited for the doctor to call with the results. I even called the doctor's office to check if they had them. He finally called and told me that she does not have a hole.  He said there is a mild narrowing of her pulmonary valve. He expects it to improve with time. He said there is nothing to look for or worry about but that he just wants to see her again in 2 years. Pretty good results.  We love our Brooklyn!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Living Life and Loving it!

Glad to see some more posts on here and thought I'd join in the fun! 
Jordan gets to work from home twice a week and we love having him around. He's still adjusting to a new work and school schedule for the semester. He sure works hard! 

The girls are getting so big! I just unloaded bins of 2T clothes for miss Ellie. Its like having a shopping spree with so many new outfits to choose from! Brooklyn is becoming a lit more interactive. Lots of smiles and coos for mom and dad.

This week we were about to head out the door for church and Ellie threw up. Jordan stayed home and cuddled on the couch with her. She threw up 2 more times that evening. No fun! Then yesterday Brooklyn must have had the same bug or something because she threw up three meals in a row. Poor thing had milk flying out her mouth and nose.  I called the doctor to make sure i didn't need to worry and he said to bring her in if there was green in her puke. Luckily we didn't see any green and she seems to be holding down her food more. Sure isn't fun seeing your little ones sick!

Ellie wore a new jacket from Grandma Ross and new Pooh gloves from my Aunt Kelly on our walk. It was nice for me to get out of the house and get a little exercise.


We saw these ducks and chickens on our walk!

And last, but not least, I made this super cute craft with justine and am so pleased with how it turned out!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Grandma O'Neill passing

For the last month, I have from one state to another. On jan. 9, I flew into Orlando, Florida because my mom was dying. On jan. 11,  I flew into Richmond, Virginia for a family gathering. Jan. 13 , back to Orlando. A week later, drove Uhaul truck with sister Robin, back to Virginia with some Mom's things to give to family. Next week was headed home but mom passed away and so stayed for burial. But we have to fly casket from Florida to Virginia , then brother Spencer, in Middle East so have to wait for him to get back to states. So burial now set for Feb.1, 2014. With a week to wait, headed down with sister Merrie, to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for her business trip. Then back to Virginia on Wednesday.  I will finally will get to go home to Utah next Monday, Feb. 3, 2014.
Here is Mom's obituary.
Doris Mae Harris Wickham O’Neill, 77, passed away Monday, January 19, 2014.  A gravesidefuneral will be held followed by the internment at The Fork Church, 12566 Old Ridge Road, Doswell, Virginia on Saturday, February 1, 2014 at 3:00 p.m.  Born and raised in Hanover County, Doris Mae spent her career as a teacher at Tuckahoe Middle School in Henrico County where she taught history and enjoyed coaching the softball team.   She is preceded by herparents, Owen Willard Harris and Elma May Lowry Harris Hadad.  Mae is survived by her husband, Tom1 son, James Spencer Wickham, Jr. (Melodie) and 5 daughtersKaren Mae Hyman (Roger)Merrie W. Cosby (Erich), Carol W. Adams (John), Robin W. Bass (Kevin) and Ann Michelle Bailey (Michael); 26 Grandchildren and 32 Great Grandchildren with still more to follow.

Program for graveside will be as follows.

Pall bearers 
Forrest Smith -Grandson
Chad Smith - Grandson
Chris Settle -Grandson
Daniel Bass - Grandson
Spencer Bass -Granson
Erich Cosby - Son-in-law

Graveside Service 
Conduct/preside- Bishop Michael Bradley Bailey - son-in-law
Opening Prayer- Carol Adams -daughter
Special Musical Number - Tom Mills and son Jason Mills -Family Friends
Reading Poem -Michelle Bailey -Daughter
Dedication of the Grave - Spencer Wickham -Son


Lord, take her from us.
Take her to that place,
Where she can finally change,
Surrounded by your grace.

Take away her darkness.
Make her shine so bright.
Soften up her heart.
Surrounded by your light.

Lord, help me forgive.
Bad memories fade away.
Though good ones may be few,
Let them rule the day.

Remind me of thy mercy.
Faith, hope, and charity.
That when, with her, I reunite.
The good is what I'll see.

Lord, take her from us.
Take her to that place,
Where she can finally change,
Surrounded by your grace.

By Marrie Ross - Granddaughter

I got accepted

I have offically been accepted to uvu!

Sunday, November 17, 2013


We had a great trip to the Specialty Equipment Market Association, SEMA, show down in Las Vegas.  The show was HUGE!  Three huge convention centers and all the outdoors of them too.  I think the coolest part was getting to meet the three guys Bryce has looked up to most that helped inspire him to pursue his car passion: Chip Foose from Overhaulin, Troy Trepanier of Rad rides by Troy, and Dave Kindig of Kindig It Design.

He got the autographs of all three :). Bryce also got to sign the Wyotech banner as a "Grad Turned Pro". It was pretty cool and the Wyotech reps were all really impressed he works for Dave Kindig.  I'm so proud of all of Bryce's hard work.

He is also now an official member of the Kindig It Design Team.  They had told us he would be on probation for 90 days but they went ahead and made it official a month early and offered him a raise :). I am so glad they recognize the skill and work ethics Bryce has.  We are so blessed.

The best part about Vegas was the Bellagio of course.  We saw two fountain shows, one during the day and one at night, walked through the beautiful gardens, and ate at Jean Phillips... YUM!

In one of those bags is an M&M onsie :)... Our little boy is going to look like the yummiest little M&M when he fits into six month old clothes.

Even though it's cold we are loving being in Utah and getting to spend time with family and we always love visiting the girls!

Our house finally was approved by the bank at the first of the month and we are to be closing on the 29th.  There could still be some possible hiccups but we are hopeful and very excited that this will be the place to start our family.  Our sweet little baby boy is still just growing and moving.  It's so fun to feel him in there and Bryce has even been able to feel him too :).  Here's me day one of week 23!

I'm still feeling great and so blessed to be pregnant.  We pray every day he will grow healthy and strong!

We would love to see some updates from the rest of you lovely ladies.  Love you all so much!